Breaking Good

Breaking Good

Mike Good wants to make the world a happier place!

It's 1971, Nixon is in the White House, War is in Vietnam, and the only pot around is seeded Mexican. Things were not cool. Something had to be done. Which is why unlikely hero Mike Good moved to Hawaii to catch waves and enjoy life. Also, raise the world's consciousness with the best marijuana ever grown. How hard could it be to change the world? Ha! He'd soon find out.

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America was in turmoil, but at least the music scene rocked. After a sheltered childhood, Mike Good, recent college grad and mild-mannered revolutionary, wanted to live an adventurous life. Also, end war and depose Nixon (AKA: Uncle Dick). It was personal. 

After a near disastrous flight to Hawaii, one very unlikely hero joins a commune with an organic farm. There he meets his mentor Ray—master horticulturalist/deranged egomaniac. With depraved guidance from Ray and a little help from spaced out LSD tester Happy,  Mike begins his philanthropic mission. Also, falls for sexy Miss June from the Girls of Hawaii calendar.

Sadly for Mike and the world, there were all these pesky drug laws. The Establishment did not want the world changed. Neither did Dad (AKA: Dr. Strangelove, CIA Mad Scientist in Chief). To succeed, Mike will have to deal with The Establishment, The Man, cannibal neighbors, rip-offs, the heartless Bank of Hawaii’s Elite Eviction Team, the FBI, Miss June’s irate father, giant waves, giant surfers, and hungry tiger sharks. Then there was Uncle Dick and the CIA’s newest secret weapon.

Changing the world was gonna take more work than Mike first thought, but he was determined to try. Even if it meant missing some waves.

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