Breaking Good is the first novel in the Señor Bueno Travel Adventure series

Breaking Good: A Señor Bueno Travel Adventure

Breaking Good: A Señor Bueno Travel Adventure

It’s the summer of 1971 and Mike Good wants to change the world.

With Nixon (AKA: Uncle Dick) in the White House, war in Vietnam, and the only pot seeded Mexican, unlikely hero Mike Good, recent college grad/mild-mannered revolutionary, decided to do something about it: Move to Hawaii and raise the world's consciousness with killer pot.

There he meets a master pot grower/insane egomaniac who teaches him to grow marijuana and alienate women. Helped by ex-LSD tester Happy, when not too busy surfing, our hero tirelessly pursues his philanthropic mission. Also, sexy Miss June from the Girls of Hawaii calendar.

But the Establishment didn’t want the world changed; nor did Dad, the CIA’s Chief Mad Scientist. Neither did The Man. Then there were the cannibals next door, the rip-offs, the Bank of Hawaii’s Swat Team, the FBI, Miss June’s father, hungry tiger sharks. . . Plus, the CIA’s newest secret weapon (a little something Dad whipped up for Uncle Dick).

Would Mike be able to avoid arrest? Would he be able to tear himself away from the waves long enough to change the world? Steal Miss June's heart? Read Breaking Good and find out!

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