A wild and crazy ride through the Third World

Weird Trips Travel Adventures Gone Very Wrong

Weird Trips Travel Adventures Gone Very Wrong

Mike Good loves Mother Nature. Mother Nature does not love him back.

Since childhood, Mike Good has been intrigued with exotic islands, coral reefs, and lush jungles—that  meant the tropics. The Third World. Low budget home of Tarzan, untreatable diseases, and maniacal drivers. Also, carnivorous plants, poisonous snakes, venomous insects, cannibals, and headhunters!

During his adventurous travels he’d be threatened by them all! Not to mention volcanoes, torrential storms, lightning strikes, enraged local villagers,  vengeful oceans, vengeful hangovers, port city muggers, and a KGB spy.

If that wasn’t enough, the road was lined with bad hotels, inedible food, sinking boats, crashing planes, and lots of victims. Not to mention, pesky drug laws and buzzkilling executions.

How does a free spirit lacking common sense travel the world and come back alive? Grab your copy of Weird Trips now and find out.

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